Coverage: Debate time

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Coverage: Debate time

5 thoughts on “Coverage: Debate time

  1. I feel like we all just narrowly avoided being rickrolled.

    A controlled vocabulary for this would be good, but I’m not sure we would necessarily need to figure out how to use a drop down list/have only one person (you) populate the whole thing. We could create an alphabetical list of game locations, and the first person who uses it gets to be the one to create the authorized version of it.


  2. Librariesareawesome has an awesome request that you populate drop down list … well, now you can!

    I’ve given you super user status, which will allow you to do the following:
    1) go to our Omeka instance and log in
    2) click on “Simple Vocab” option on left nav bar
    3) Select your element from the drop down Element list (middle of the page top)
    4) enter the list of vocab options in the big empty box as directed
    5) click big green “Add/Edit Vocabulary” button when done (note that you can always come back and edit the list as needed.

    ALSO, I’ve activated a “Geolocation” plugin, which you should consider as experimental, so feel free to play around with it to see if it’s useful to your data entry tasks for coverage. To access it, click on “Plugins” link at top of an Omeka page, scroll down to the Geolocation plugin and click the blue “Configure” button … again, this is experimental, as I’m not sure myself as to whether it’s be useful for you … have fun! 🙂


  3. I should add that you’ll need to go back and edit your wiki entry at the conclusion of your fiddling with my suggestions above … that’s fine! Just email me at my SLIS email after you’ve edited the wiki entry, and I’ll mark your element as “ready to go” .. it’s fine to take a couple of days if needed. Let’s make the weekend our goal. In the meantime, students will be able to index other elements…


    1. Mostly by noticing “Hey, what are these two doing here in Omeka?” asking Dr. MacCall about it while working on the vocabulary list, and getting picked as an example. Dr. MacCall did the actual hiding of the Coverage element in Omeka once I had set up the two others. So yeah, there’ll be opportunities for many people after tonight’s class.


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