Quick rundown on Coverage

Haven’t looked at many links yet, so this may change.

In general, I can easily see Coverage getting repeated twice, hopefully three times.  The first time would be to hold the game date in the same format as the Date elements will likely be(?): YYYY-MM-DD

The second would hold the city and state of the game, spelled out (for those whose grasp on postal codes are not first-rate or first-hand for those from Canada): “Tuscaloosa, Alabama” or “Lexington, Kentucky”.

These two things can be found at rolltide.com, given year and opposing team, but I’d also like to see field name as the third repetition.  I can see the fields in Wikipedia, but the reference is back to rolltide.com, which doesn’t list the stadiums!  So, yes, I’d like to have “Denny Stadium” or “Dudley Field” listed somewhere, but what would be the proper source.  On another side of this issue, would this be combined with the previous item? “Legion Field ; Birmingham, Alabama”?

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Quick rundown on Coverage

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